Commercial fully automatic coffee machines for high volumes.


WMF is the leading international manufacturer of commercial fully automatic coffee machines for volumes of high volumes of 100 -350 cups of fresh brewed coffee per day. Every coffee system is unique in itself and a specialist for meeting individual needs. All WMF coffee machines are manufactured in Geislingen and can therefore pride themselves on being MADE IN GERMANY since 1927.

Many of WMF’s technological innovations hold patents, for instance, Plug&Clean, steamjet, the dynamic milk system or the WMF espresso. WMF also drives coffee development forward in many other areas such as their cutting-edge touch displays which make child’s play out of making coffee beverages which can compete with even the most competent barista – all at the touch of a button. The global trend of coffee drinkers is in ordering coffee beverages which are milk based such as, cappuccino, latte macchiato and the flat white. WMF used more than 20 000 litres of milk in developing the Dynamic Milk System, in order to make sure that milk foam that comes out of a WMF machine tastes like real milk! It can come warm, cold, fluffy, light and airy or firm. WMF has invented a system which can use milk with any fat content and with both soya and lactose-free milk to make sure that it tastes great!

WMF is also supremely committed to reliability. Every single machine is commissioned and thoroughly tested to ensure that only those machines in perfect condition are able to leave the production premises. You just don’t get a better commercial fully automatic coffee machine on the market today.