Die Schaerer Coffee Soul 12 mit «Select»-Konzept besticht mit ihrem grossen, videofähigen 12,1-Zoll-Bildschirm.

Schaerer Coffee Soul 12 Bean-to-Cup

The next generation of Schaerer’s outstanding Soul system, the Schaerer Coffee Soul 12 is guaranteed to impress. Not only is this model aesthetically stunning, it also provides a level of quality that is unrivaled by any other commercial bean-to-cup coffee machine.

Capable of preparing up to 250 beverages per day, and equipped with Schaerer’s Best Foam milk technology and sophisticated extraction system, the Schaerer Soul 12 offers premium speciality coffee that would easily pass for the work of a trained barista.

The Schaerer Coffee Soul 12 is also designed to offer maximum variety and flexibility, with three bean canisters, two milk options and over 200 unique drink configurations.

Ideal for self-service environments, the Schaerer 12 is exceptionally easy to use and maintain, with intuitive user guidance, quick selection and automated cleaning programmes.



X-Large Display

Designed for self service, the Schaerer 12 features an extra-large 12.1-inch touchscreen display that can play advertising videos when not in use.

Twin Milk Options

With two separate 4.5-litre capacity milk tanks, users can choose to prepare their coffee with a choice of two different milk options. Offer either full fat or semi-skimmed milk, or a dairy-free milk option.

Three Canisters

With three-bean canisters, you can serve three unique coffee blends. Alternatively, use one for standard beans, one for powdered chocolate and the final canister for decaf.

User-Friendly Interface

The Schaerer 12 comes with 3 user interfaces. Guest Mode that offers a guided selection, Frequent User Mode for those who know their order but like a specific level of customisation and Staff Mode where all drinks are preset.

Adjustable Dispenser

With an integrated sensor, the coffee dispenser automatically detects the size of your cup, adjusting its own height accordingly. Whether you’re using a small espresso cup or a tall reusable takeaway cup, the Schaerer 12 will dispense just the right amount with no mess.

Best Foam Milk Technology

Arguably the best milk system on the market, the Schaerer 12’s Best Foam™ technology creates barista-quality drinks with a smooth, creamy finish.

Hot & Cold Beverages

Expand your drinks menu and impress your team and visitors in the summer months with a delicious chilled coffee offering.

Optional Flavour Station

Complement your coffee offering with the addition of a flavour point station with up to four different syrup flavours.


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