XX OC Instant Coffee Vending Machine

  • Instant coffee vending machine
  • Available for outright purchase or 36 month rental
  • Suitable for 70 cups per day
  • 8 drink selections
  • 4 powder ingredient cannisters
  • Mains water feed or external pump for water supply
  • Free vend or coin acceptor/token acceptor for payment


More Info

The Rhea Vendors Group XX OC is the latest small premium tabletop coffee machine to be launched by Rhea Vendors group. This particular model offers up to 8 different beverage selections utilising instant coffee, creamer or milk powder as well as hot chocolate. This particular model has a recommended daily usage of up to 70 cups and is therefore well suited for smaller offices of up to 30 people.

The XX OC has the ability to utilise either a small on-board water tank, plumbed-in water supply or an external pump and drum water supply as the water source. The extremely small footprint of the machine means that it fits in well in confined spaces.

Beverage Choices

• Hot Chocolate
• Hot Water
• Instant Coffee: Black Coffee
• Instant Coffee: Caffe Latte
• Instant Coffee: Cappuccino
• Instant Coffee: Espresso
• Instant Coffee: Moccaccino
• Instant Coffee: White Coffee

Spec Sheet