WMF 1200F

Freshly ground. Business bound. – up to 180 cups/hour

  • Up to 5 dosing buttons can be activated.
  • Central hot water dispenser for Tea.
  • Extendable quantity brewing arm for containers with a height of up to 395 mm.
  • Height-adjustable dispenser for cups, pots, jugs and mugs up to 165 mm in height.





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Even filtered coffee tastes best when it is made using freshly ground beans. And this is precisely where the WMF 1200 F comes in: It perfectly prepares both individual cups and large volumes of filtered coffee using freshly ground beans – and in double-quick time, too.

For example, it can brew 0.5 litres in only 65 seconds and therefore makes it possible to quickly fill large coffee mugs or insulated jugs in a short period of time. Using the optional quantity brewing arm, the coffee can be dispensed into large insulated pots.

This flexibility makes it a joy to use. Whether it is used as additional equipment for a speciality machine, to make coffee for breakfast or to provide coffee for large meetings and many guests – the WMF 1200 F always dispenses outstanding filtered coffee.

Spec Sheet

Instruction Manual


700x700_cup_rackCUP RACK SMALL

For 60 to 260 cups, mugs or glasses. With Thermostat, 4 heatable shelves made from satin stainless steel. Elegant appearance in matching design, black back. Suitable for self-service. Illumination, different colours can be set.

Cleaning Products

700_cleaning_tablet_2WMF CLEANING TABLETS
1.3 g

100 Pieces Cleaning Tablet for the daily cleaning of the coffee sector of the machines with BASIC MILK.

700_descaling_liquidWMF DESCALING LIQUID
250 ml

Special descaling liquid for decalcifying the water system.