Coffee Solutions supply Coffee Machines and Consumables in Cape TownCoffee Solutions: Coffee Machines and Consumables in Cape TownCoffee Machines and Consumables in Cape Town
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Coffee Solutions Sells, Rents, operates and offers Maintenance for:

  • Bianchi small and medium sized hot beverage vendors (Instant and Bean-to-cup)
  • Necta large volume hot beverage vendors (Instant, fresh brew tea and Bean-to-cup)
  • Jura quality swiss-made espresso/cappuccino coffee machines (fresh milk)
  • Schaerer quality swiss-made espresso/cappuccino coffee machines (fresh milk)
  • Filter coffee equipment
  • Coffee & Tea products

We also sell all the ingredients, accessories and cleaning materials for the equipment which we provide.

An Outsourced Coffee Solution

We also have an outsourced operating arm which is able to provide the coffee making equipment free-on-loan and includes all services in regards to the filling, cleaning, maintenance, servicing and provision of the ingredients to be used.

We then charge the client for the consumption of the beverages, and all costs for the provision of the beverages to staff members are included in the billing to the client in an easy to understand format.

We are also able to tailor-make these services according to the clients’ requests. If the client wants tea boxes instead of tea through the vending machine or if the client needs the site to be serviced seven days a week; we are able to arrange for all types of requests.