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JURA Professional coffee machines for offices
Products » JURA Professional coffee machines for offices

We are pleased to offer you the range of fully automatic Swiss-made Jura coffee machines which cover every hot beverage need for the small office or home needing quality beverages second to none. These machines can also quite easily exceed the quality of coffee served in your local coffee shop because the process of making the coffee is automated as far as possible with no chances taken that the coffee can be burned at any stage of the brewing process.
These fully automatic bean-to-cup coffee machines work on very similar principles as the professional espresso machines found in your favourite coffee shop; the difference is the ease of use and relatively low expense of the equipment. Jura premium coffee machines are designed for the small and medium office, boardrooms, meeting rooms, guesthouses and the home where between 10 and 100 cups of high quality coffee are consumed per day without wanting any compromise on taste and where fresh milk can be used. The Jura machines are available to be purchased with milk frothing devices which easily and quickly froth milk for authentic cappuccinos. The Z7 and One-Touch-Cappuccino (OTC) machines will even automatically grind and brew the coffee as well as froth the milk all in one step to make a great tasting cappuccino or latte.
Fully automatic coffee machines have the advantage that the coffee beans which are stored in the machine are protected from light and air by an aroma cover. The beans are ground just before brewing and are moistened with hot water just before brewing (using the I.P.B.S. system – Intelligent Pre Brew System) meaning that you always get the freshest cup of coffee available anywhere with the maximum amount of precise flavour extraction. The electronics aboard the machine precisely measures the amount of water used in the pre-brewing stage. By pre-brewing; the pores of the coffee swell which allows the full aroma and flavour of the coffee to be extracted.


All Jura equipment has a six setting conical burr precision grinder which is manufactured from hardened steel to ensure an exceptionally long service life before servicing; repair or replacement is required. The burr grinder produces the optimum level of grind and powder from your quality coffee beans without generating any heat; which ensures all the aroma in the coffee is retained and none of the flavor is compromised through contact with a hot surface..

The machine has a variable brewing chamber which means that between 7 and 16 grams of   coffee can be brewed through pressing one button (this is the largest chamber of a coffee brew unit available in this segment, anywhere). Therefore two cups are able to be brewed as easily as one cup and it takes precisely the same amount of time without any flavour loss. This is why we call the Jura a genuine two cup coffee machine. 

The One-Touch-Cappuccino (OTC) Jura’s generally have a second heating system or a larger heating system than other Jura machines; which optimally ensures permanent steam or hot water readiness; which helps with great savings in time when making beverages such as Cappuccino and Café Latte. The patented auto cappuccino fitting easily makes heated milk and milk froth available by sucking milk directly from the thermos or milk fridge; then heating it and thus frothing it. Perfect milk froth is guaranteed for the ultimate cappuccino. These coffee machines also make cappuccino's at the touch of a single button and without moving the cup around during the brewing or frothing process. The one-touch cappuccino machines are the C-9 for the domestic user, the Z-7 super-premium coffee machine also for domestic or small office use and the larger XS-90 and XS-95 for office environments and guest houses. 

All Jura machines are designed with the I.P.W.S. (Integrated Pure Water System) which permits the use of Claris water filters. Water filters are essential in the preparation of the perfect cup of coffee due to the different water qualities encountered all over the world where Jura coffee machines are sold. The Claris water filters will remove heavy metals; reduce scale content as well as chlorine which all affect our health and the taste of the coffee while retaining al the essential minerals and fluorides.

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