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GIGA 8 Professional Series


Jura X-8 watertank version

The speedy professional coffee machine
The high-performance GIGA X8 Professional with its elegant finish comes with a unique speed function, allowing it to prepare perfect coffee in record time. The optimally extracted coffee is mixed with hot water inside the machine by means of an extra bypass. Absolutely no flavour is lost during the process.
When coffee is overextracted, the finished product will contain a higher proportion of unpleasant acidic and bitter components. The speed function and time-saving, intuitive operation make the GIGA X8 Professional ideal for use in catering. A large water tank and coffee grounds container allow for flexible and mobile use.
Price: R 79,686.00
Drinks Per Fill: 150-180
15 Beverages to choose from:
  • Bean-to-cup: Black Coffee
  • Bean-to-cup: Cafe Latte
  • Bean-to-cup: Cappuccino
  • Bean-to-cup: Double Flat White
  • Bean-to-cup: Espresso
  • Bean-to-cup: Flat White
  • Bean-to-cup: Latte Machiatto
  • Bean-to-cup: White Coffee
  • Double black coffee: bean to cup
  • Double caffe latte: bean to cup
  • Double cappuccino: bean to cup
  • Double espresso: Bean to cup
  • Hot Milk
  • Hot Water
  • Milk Foam